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To empower and inspire creative expression. Whether it's on a skateboard, a canvas, or a stage - we believe that creativity is the vital force behind new and better.



Skateboarding, art, music: these are the things we love. These are our "filaments".

Just as the lightbulb gets it's beacon from the filaments within, or the shoe gets it's strength from the fibers that make it, Filament is what makes you, YOU. 

Inspired by freedom of self expression... WHAT IS YOUR FILAMENT?





 Filament is a privately held company. Design and development is anchored in Los Angeles, CA. Manufacturing is done through factory partners in Asia. Our products are available globally in select markets through our international distribution partners.

Filament Brand is focused on developing a wide range of footwear that is focused on design, comfort, and durability. By listening to our customers, we are proud to announce vulcanized footwear. Now offering cup sole and vulcanized shoes. Each category of footwear will have a unique perspective on innovation that is relevant to it's end use. That innovation will establish a unique aesthetic that will empower the brand to deliver new footwear concepts and drive our own identity. By combining innovative problem solving and creative story-telling, we will deliver footwear that has great performance, fit, feel, and a connection with the consumer on a deeper level.


Hello You!

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